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I've got your back

Love in the time of uranium

Why don’t you love my back?

I do love your back.

How much do you love my back?

Very much. I love your back very much.

Do you love my back more than anything?

I love my back more than anything, but I love your back more than anyone else’s back. You have such a wonderful back. Your back and my back, it’s virtually the same back.

Don’t leave me alone here.

I won’t leave you alone here.

There are so many bad men here. They want to do such bad things to me.

I won’t leave you alone with the bad men. Do you hear me bad men?!?

I’m strong, but I don’t want you to leave me alone here. If you leave me alone here there will be trouble.

You are very strong. I will make you stronger. You don’t need to worry.

But how can I be sure?

You can be sure.

But how? Show me a sign. Show me a big sign and put my worried mind to rest.

Wait, there’s time. There’s still time before the sign.

No, show me now. I need to see it now.

I’ll show you, I promise, when the time’s right.

When will the time be right? Why don’t you show me now?

Shh, be still my love. I love your back.

I've got your back
I’ve got your back

Diskin and Dagan’s Double-Cross

It’s hush-hush no more. Former spymasters are coming out of the woodworks to spook the current government into not attacking Iran.

First it was Meir Dagan, the “superhero” Spymaster from the Mossad, who, as soon as he left the service, launched a campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak – over the issue of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. In his own words, Dagan says that a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is the “stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” He also says that he has no faith in Netanyahu and Barak’s ability to lead the country into such a fateful decision. Continue reading Diskin and Dagan’s Double-Cross

A poem for our times

A poem for our times

On a table, together with all my options,
I sat under a nuclear umbrella and played with a mushroom cloud.
I was in a zone,
Of immunity.
I pitted a nuclear duck against a terrorist octopus.
They crossed each others’ red lines until both reached the point of no return
And spinning, they fell off the table.
I got up to close the window of opportunity,
as it was letting in a cold draft from the Islamic Winter outside.
Spring, all too short, was over.

London can take it. Can Tel-Aviv?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it would be like in Tel-Aviv, where I live, were we to be bombed mercilessly and repeatedly, like the Israelis living in the south have been. Or like we, in the country’s center, might be if Israel bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities sometime this year. Continue reading London can take it. Can Tel-Aviv?

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Ahmadineduck!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the AIPAC conference in Washington this morning that there are still people who believe that Iran is not working to develop nuclear weapons:

Amazingly, some people refuse to acknowledge that Iran’s goal is to develop nuclear weapons. You see, Iran claims to do everything it’s doing, that it’s enriching uranium to develop medical isotopes.

Yeah, that’s right.

A country that builds underground nuclear facilities, develops intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactures thousands of centrifuges, and that absorbs crippling sanctions, is doing all that in order to advance…medical research.

So you see, when that Iranian ICBM is flying through the air to a location near you, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s only carrying medical isotopes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it?

That’s right, it’s a duck. But this duck is a nuclear duck.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Iranian nuclear duck. I call him: Ahmadineduck!

Can Israel live with a nuclear Iran?

Some thoughts about the situation following the release of the IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. So, nu, do they have nuclear bombs or not? Are they clearly trying to make them, or is it still not clear? Does the report have a smoking gun or does it not have a smoking gun? Was the report watered down at the request of China and Russia or was it not? Do we still have time or is time up? What happens now? Continue reading Can Israel live with a nuclear Iran?

‘Superhero’ spymaster now a thorn in government’s side

Former Mossad chief, now chief thorn in government's side

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking cabinet support for a military strike on Iran, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Wednesday, after days of speculation about plans for an attack. The report, citing a senior Israeli official, said Netanyahu was working with Defense Minister Ehud Barak to win support from skeptical members of the cabinet who oppose attacking Iranian nuclear facilities.

The above quote is making its way around the world’s media. It bothers me that the whole world now knows what’s going on deep inside the top Israeli leadership concerning the issue of an attack on Iran, no less. But there you have it. A few days before the Haaretz report, Yediot Aharonot reported that Barak and Netanyahu had already decided to attack Iran, without consulting the other ministers.The Israeli government is furious that Haaretz even reported on the inner deliberations of the Israeli ministers. Now everybody is talking about this issue: should Israel attack Iran before the winter clouds make it difficult for our planes to find their targets? Are Barak and Netanyahu sufficiently experienced to carry out this fateful mission? Is the Israeli home front ready and capable to withstand an Iranian and Hezbollah retaliation? Should the Israeli public be readied to live with the Iranian bomb, or is there no way on earth the Jewish people should ever let radical Islamists arm themselves with nuclear weapons? Should our planes swoop in from the east or the north? What music should the pilots listen to the night before, something rhythmic or something soothing? Metallica or Mozart? Continue reading ‘Superhero’ spymaster now a thorn in government’s side

ElBaradei’s nuclear nightmares

First nightmare: UN Nuclear watchdog IAEA chief Mohammed ElBaradei says the likelihood that terrorists will detonate a nuclear weapon poses the greatest risk to world security, surpassing proliferation threats from Iran and North Korea.

From Bloomberg:

“There is a lot of interest on the part of extremist groups to obtain nuclear material,” ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in Vienna during the annual conference of the 145 nations in the IAEA. “It’s the No. 1 security threat right now.”

Nightmare #2: But the IAEA can’t do anything about it because the UN nuclear agency is out of cash. “I must stand here today and let you know that all is not well with the IAEA,” ElBaradei said.

That’s pretty bad news, considering the threats this agency is meant to address [See Nightmares 1 through 8]. Continue reading ElBaradei’s nuclear nightmares

Remember the submarines, don’t mention the war

BERLIN – Sixty years after World War II and the Holocaust, and according to intelligence sources approximately 18 months until Iran can create a nuclear bomb, the diplomatic relationship between Israel and Germany is moving into high gear as Jerusalem presses Berlin to lead the EU in isolating Teheran. Jerusalem and Berlin agree that Iran is the biggest destabilizing force in the Middle East, but disagree on how to deal with that threat. Israel, working behind the scenes to isolate Iran diplomatically and financially, is frustrated at the continued trade between German industrialists and Iran.

Israel wants Germany to sever all trade and diplomatic ties with Iran [Israel is a much bigger trade partner to Germany than Iran is], and would like Berlin to implement sanctions out of the UN Security Council framework as that is being sabotaged by Russia and China. Continue reading Remember the submarines, don’t mention the war