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They want nothing to do with us

Interesting Israel Radio interview with a haredi man from the extreme fringes of haredi society, the Eda Haredit, at a protest against haredi army enlistment on Monday:

“It states quite clearly in the Torah that if everyone studied Torah then there would be no need for anyone to protect us. The seculars don’t learn Torah; they have nothing to do, so they should enlist into the army. The Eda Haredit is not at all interested in the existence of the State of Israel, so it doesn’t make sense to draft its sons into the Israel Defense Forces. Continue reading

In Europe, perceptions of Israel colored by anti-Semitism

European Flightilla activists scrawled a Swastika on their holding cell. Anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic.

More than 70 percent of Polish people believe that Jews seek to benefit from their forebears’ suffering during the Nazi era, a new report on racism and xenophobia in Europe shows. Continue reading