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Hostage News Network

My head is swimming with hostage news. Last week we closed the final chapter of the Goldwasser and Regev saga, and our attention is focused squarely now on the Gilad Schalit case. Lately, Hamas has been making sounds to the effect that they want to replace the Egyptian mediators in the Schalit deal, with Germans or possibly Qataris. We’re not convinced this is a genuine call, as Hamas desperately wants the Egyptians to pressure Israel into opening the Rafah crossings into and out of the Gaza Strip. Only Egypt has enough leverage over Israel and Hamas to seriously mediate a hostage negotiation for Schalit.

I decided to look around at some of the other hostage news making the headlines around the world, and I’m interested to note the similarities and differences between what happened here last week with the return of the bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, and hostage news elsewhere.

So in that spirit, here is the inaugural bulletin of the all new Hostage News Network:

British PM Gordon Brown is here today, the day a Shi’ite group in Iraq released a video saying a British hostage has committed suicide while in custody.

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