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Quiet in Israel

Notes from the only stable democracy in the Middle East

Notes from the only stable democracy in the Middle East

I’ve never felt more of an outsider than I do now. Not just amongst my own people — who seem to be playing ‘live and let live’ like absolute masters — but amongst my Arab neighbors. Am I the only one thinking about what’s going on out there instead of enjoying the quiet in here? Continue reading

Analysis: Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood

When the Muslim Brotherhood leadership looks around them they see an America in decline – both at home and abroad. They see how the US abandoned Mubarak. They see how America speaks of human rights in Egypt and Tunisia, but don’t apply these principles in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Continue reading

As its neighborhood roils, Israel must work closer with America

Over the past few weeks there have been a growing number of signs that relations between Washington and Jerusalem are even more strained than they’ve been over the past few years.

The US Administration has gone out of its way to make it clear to the Israeli leadership that it believes sanctions against Iran are working and need more time to evolve. The US does not want Israel to launch a strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and there exists a certain amount of unease at Israel’s opacity when it comes to sharing its Iran plans with America.

Where do Israel and America’s interests dovetail, and where do they part? Continue reading

Say sorry first, then shoot

Egypt wants us to apologize for killing several of its border soldiers last Thursday.

The incident happened when Israeli troops chased down a bunch of terrorists who had come from inside Egyptian territory over our border, killed 8 people, and then fled back over into Egyptian territory to make their escape.

So let me get this straight: Egypt wants us to apologize for something their troops should have stopped in the first place? Continue reading

Ceasefire in Gaza; until the next round

Day 1 of the unilateral ceasefire Israel embarked on in Gaza. We’ve already had Hamas firing rockets at the south, but that’s because this is an Israeli ceasefire, not something Hamas has signed onto. There is wide consensus that eventually, Israel and Hamas will clash again. The government’s aim in embarking on Operation Cast Lead was to bring quiet to the south for an extended period of time, and to deal with the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip, re. weaken Hamas in the long term by making sure they cannot rearm so heavily. Continue reading