Hello, I’m Amir Mizroch. Welcome to my blog, Forecast Highs.

Born in Israel, raised in South Africa, and back in Israel since 2000, I’ve lived and worked in two countries constantly grappling with existential issues affecting not just their own populations, but the regions they inhabit too. Until recently I was the Editor in Chief of  Israel Hayom English, the English-language version of Israel’s most widely-read Hebrew daily newspaper. I also anchored ‘So Much To Say’ – a daily news show on TLV1.FM Radio.

Until February 2011 I worked at The Jerusalem Post, the largest English-language newspaper and website in Israel. I managed jpost.com during the rough and tumble of the Al Aksa Intifadah, and I was head of the paper’s news operation for five years as News Editor. In April 2010 I became Executive Editor, managing all of the paper’s departments. During my eight years at The Jerusalem Post I won an international journalism award, and covered stories for the paper around the world. I chose the name Forecast Highs, taken from weather report jargon, because it gives a sense of looking ahead at trends, which is what I like to do.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave comments. All opinions expressed here are my own and do in no way represent those of my employers. You can email me at amir.mizroch@gmail.com

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I also make political video and experimental documentaries, from time to time.

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  1. Shalom,

    Regarding the facebook approach to the kassams – I have been clamoring for the residents to become proactive and to produce their own kassams for months. How can it be that Jews-many with military experience too!-are NOT taking their security into their own hands?The IDF has clearly been put on a VERY tight leash, all in order NOT to harm Gazan population.

    Now, if a terrorized community realizes that their leaders are NOT protecting them, then my suggestion is the most rational one.
    The last thing the terrorized residents should worry about is that the authorities won’t approve. Who the hell cares??

    1. Brilliant answer to the problem. Truly!
      However, the Israeli govt will not allow that to happen.
      They have a conscience, rules , sense of duty and right and wrong. Ultimately allowing our population to hit innocents there is not a true Jewish response because it facilitates wrong actions that we/they have a responsibility to protect people from. We do need to stop their fire, quickly and with strength to ensure success.
      But if the people did it on their own and the govt didn’t interfere I’m all for it. Measure for measure. If the people did it on their own it’s perfectly comensurate.

      1. not necessarily true:
        will the purchase of materials be tax deductable?
        will time spent on the web, learning how, practicing… be considered milui’m (i mean, can i get credit towards my mikhsah shnatit).

        i’m not too sure about your definition of the term ‘innocents’ (& this was where i begin to suspect you’re being sarcastic – not a nice quality to show off on someone else’s blog, i’m afraid). the christian definition means lambs, i thnk. only those baptized, and there aren’ta lotta baptized sheep out there… well, not baptized sheep not raped by nuns, at any rate. the UN and red cross definition is anyone not wearing a yalmuka or star of david on his/her throat. the israeli government definition is only those wearing a yalmuke or star of david on his/her throat (does that include goldstein?)

        also, saying the government wouldnt allow it is hogwash. that’s like saying the government keeps its eyes on rapists and tax dodgers.

  2. Thank you for the blog, Amir.

    I am already seeing a new side of the stories, and exposure to more subjects than seen on my local news. These will help me understand a very complex society, at a pivotal time in its history, in a better, more personal way than the newswire stories do.

    Thank you for being a potent voice directly to us.

    Todah. Shalom.

    “Everyone knows someone who needs this information.” (TM)

  3. Hey,

    Found your blog, you never told me about this,looks interesting so will have a read.

    Hope to see you soon.


  4. Hi Amir,

    I enjoy your site and I am wondering if you have any interest in linking. We are both in the jpost blog list and I am also on israellycool. Please let me know. It would be a pleasure. We are interested in interviewing you for our podcast on the site. Please take a look at our site as we have listeners in over 80 countries besides our blogs.
    Chag Sameach
    Steve Ornstein
    Tel Aviv

  5. Love your blog. Loved the article about the power manipulators. Should inform every article in the JPost so that readers have the proper context and realize the essentially cynical nature of politics and all the talk about policy and what they would do, if….are lies. Any of them haven’t yet changed their positions as they attained different levels of power? And that the only guiding principle they possess is the attainment, maintenance and enhancement of that ower? The Jewish People? Oh, sorry forgot about you guys. Trying make Israel into a fun park, collect bigger homes, more pens and more mouthwash for licking everyone tushy.

  6. Hi Amir
    I did not know that there is an interest in cricket in Israil.No did I think that a journalist from post would ever do so. Yes. you would do if you arean expat journalist from Aus or SA.
    Anyway, that article on Jonty Rhodes was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Keep posting similar interesting cricket postings. I would be one of your regular readers.

  7. Hey Amir,

    Sure glad you have a place where I am able to give you some feedback.

    Just read and enjoyed your article, “Analysis: Gaza will not be Stalingrad”. The thought comes to me how much unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) could revolutionize urban warfare much in the same way that GPS guided bombs have revolutionized war fighting.

    Also, can Israel set a deadline for all civilians to leave a certain urban sector? It seems that this would eliminate a couple of issues with urban warfare.

    Also, to what extent is urban warfare done during the night time? It seems to me that if you were to cut the electricity, wear night vision goggles and use heat-detecting cameras that this could give a dramatic advantage to the more technologically advanced force.

    Any thoughts?

  8. ny of them haven’t yet changed their positions as they attained different levels of power? And that the only guiding principle they possess is the attainment, maintenance and enhancement of that ower? The Jewish People? Oh, sorry forgot about you guys. Trying make Israel into a fun park, collect bigger homes, more pens and more mouthwash for licking everyone tushy.

  9. Hi Amir!
    Putting your articles on blog is a good idea – they disappear from the JP site quite soon – I know Ruth and you planned to interview Sofa Landver – now I could read it.

  10. Hi Amir.
    I read your article “Desperate Housewives don´t count rockets, they count days” in the JP today. It was quite interesting reading – and quite scaring as well.
    I was just wondering what your message is with this article? Is it your definition of Israels future – and if so, from where have you got your information?

    I´ll follow your blok – you write some interesting and unusual articels, thank you.


  11. Hi Amir.

    I was wondering what, if you are aware of any resulting research regarding the JPost story you wrote in January 2010, dealing with the funding of a program at the Technion to determine the connection between the Taliban and the lost tribes of Israel.

    Years ago, I attended a shiur on the subject, and I am interested to hear your comments on the subject.

    Hope you are well.



  12. Hi Amir,

    I just found your name back to the Post today. We noticed that the Post didn’t print your name on the paper for a few days. welcome back and keep in touch please!

    Best regards,

    Simon C. Hsieh
    Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel Aviv

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