A sign of the times at The Sunday Times

By publishing this cartoon in its pages


The Sunday Times has joined a list of some very dubious, mostly Arab newspapers, who have portrayed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in patently anti-Semitic terms. The Times said that its cartoon was not anti-Semitic: and rather “was aimed at Netanyahu and his policies, not Israel in general, or Jewish people.”


Using a motif of the use of Palestinian blood as cement in a wall crosses the line between legitimate criticism of the Israeli leader and Jew hatred.

Here are some cartoons of Netanyahu, taken from mostly Arab sources, that The Times now seems to have emulated.


Israel Hayom columnist David Weinberg explains why the cartoon is beyond the pale.

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  1. What part is inaccurate ? The cartoon does not represent a race or a religion, but the leader of a country and its policy toward its neighbours.

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