Death of a Sea Turtle

He/ She died.


Sea Turtle


Apparently there was enough time for the folks at The Israel Electric Corporation to take this picture and issue this photo and a press release about how cool it was that a huge sea turtle washed up at its Hadera power station.

The press release said a sea turtle had been found at the power station, most likely carried by the massive waves in the storm. It was 80cm long and 60cm wide.

That’s it.


The press release said nothing about his/ her condition. When I called them up to inquire into its condition, they said that they didn’t know. They didn’t even think about looking into it. I said: “Don’t  you think that you left out an important piece of information in your press release. Like, is the turtle OK?”

They’d check and get back to me. They didn’t. An hour later I called the spokesperson. “It didn’t make it,” was the short answer I got back. “Was it alive when you took the picture?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “And then what happened?” Silence.

So, dear dead sea turtle, in the name of good humans all over this country, I’d like to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that for the few minutes someone could have helped you, nobody did. I’m sorry that instead of shoving you in a truck and speeding you to a vet, someone took your photo and made use of you for their own cynical PR effort. I’m sorry. I hope you rest in peace.


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