Feiglin’s Fiscal Flop

Moshe Feiglin has presented a plan to encourage Palestinians living in the West Bank to emigrate.


According to Feiglin, who is number 14 on the Likud list, each Palestinian family that agrees to emigrate would get US $500, 000 each.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, there are 2.7 million Palestinians living in the West Bank.

Also according to the PCBS, the average Palestinian family is made up of 4.4 souls.

So if we divide 2.7 million by 4.4 we get 613,636 families that would each get US $500,000.

To fund that, Feiglin would thus need US $300. 068 billion.

In New Israeli Shekels that would be 11,00, 41296 [1100.4 billion] at today’s Dollar Shekel exchange rate of 3.72

However, since Israel already has a budget deficit of NIS 38 billion – more than double the planned deficit of NIS 18 billion – adding Feiglin’s 1100.4 billion could amount to a fiscal cliff of almost 1 trillion 49.4 billion shekels – assuming all the Palestinians in the West Bank agree to the proposal.

Anyone want to try crowd source that?

Or maybe Feiglin is just as kooky as some people say he is…

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  1. Now we need to come up with a plan to encourage foreign nations to accept these families.

    The thing to consider is this, what is the yearly security and military budget in Israel? Would this not drop, at least some, if this did happen. That could play a part in the gross figures. As well, what is the cost of one human life lost in fighting? There is no cost to the loss of a loved one, friend or family member.

    This may just make sense.

  2. Gee.
    seems that we have lots and lots of money to spend…wow…
    I suggest first of all we invest 500K in every jewish family coming to Israel, a small Aliya stimulus package, then we invest 500K per palestinian family, so they do not fight us; we also pay 500K for all and every stupid politician so they leave politics and not make popular but totally unrealistic proposals (this must be covered only by the people who voted for them, under the new tax law called, ‘tax for stupidity’)….and then we pay 500K for every criminal and rapist and murderer so they leave our country…not that by any means want to make any comparison with anybody, but I really do NOT need them either…
    I also would like to get rid of my neighbour, they are such an ugly bunch….could we not encourage them to emigrate? I’ll be a much happier citizen then. (of course I’ll pay the part cost for their displacement) — and finally please do not forget to also send me 500K, so I don’t write stupid comments in this blog.
    As for the final fiscal cliff, I wish everyone in the world gets 500K, so we no longer need to wait for the meshiach.

  3. I assumed he meant per family unit, not per head…
    And before everyone jumps on him, New York City offers their homeless free one way flights anywhere they wish to go (albeit domestically). There is a precedent for exporting your problems somewhere else :)

  4. I think at least half his point is to get the shock value from leftists against deporting Palestinians, when they already did the same in Gaza without financial payouts whatsoever (ultimately they only received payment for the worth of their own homes – renters got NOTHING!)

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