What do you do with people who do something like this?

Jerusalem Police on Monday said they suspect Haredi extremists of vandalizing Yad Vashem with grafitti which says: “The Zionists wanted the Holocaust, and Thanks for the Holocaust Hitler, and if he didn’t exist, the Zionists would have invented Hitler.”


Then the vandals drew this on one of the walls:


It’s quite a powerful and noxious image. It shows a Star of David at the entrance to Auschwitz, as if the road to the gas chambers was paved by Zionism. 

I can believe that haredi zealots are behind this. No haredi extremist has been arrested for calling a policeman “Nazi”, which is something some of them do quite often, especially when the police come to clear up disturbances that the haredi extremists create.

Like this:



And since nobody has ever been arrested for this [under Israeli law, you can be arrested and charged for a crime called ‘Insulting a Public Official’] the phenomenon has been allowed to fester and grow, until we get this, the vandalizing of Yad Vashem, most probably by Israeli haredi youth; youth who do not serve in the army but are protected by that same army; youth who do not work but live off the hard-earned taxes of those who do work. 


Caption: “Zionist Pursuers! You declared war on Hitler in the name of the Jewish nation. You brought on the Shoah!”

Whoever did this is diseased. Whoever did this has a mind so full of lies and hate it’s hard to believe we are countrymen. Whoever did this really does not belong in our society. If and when the police find the culprits, I recommend they be put to work helping Holocaust survivors, of which there are many in need. There are many who are poor, ill, and lonely, and above all, with stories to tell. The vandals should spend the rest of their lives in the service of Holocaust commemoration. In the meantime, it would be great to see the leadership of the Haredi communities, all of them, denounce this act.


Pictures Courtesy of Yad Vashem.


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