Borderline terrible

Here’s a brief update on the state of our borders based on recent quotes by politicians and top-ranking military officers:

Libya has opened the ‘gates of hell’ with a variety of advanced weapons making their way from there to Gaza.

Hamas and other groups in Gaza are arming to the teeth and have thousands of rockets which can put over a million Israelis in bomb shelters for months. They’re producing their own rockets and have several that can reach the central Tel Aviv region.

Syria is becoming a ‘failed state’ with a ‘huge arsenal’ of rockets and chemical weapons. The situation there is quickly degenerating into chaos, and the Israeli army has begun bolstering its forces along the Golan border.

Sinai is a lawless badlands awash in weapons, terrorists, and smugglers where attacks are launched at Israel with increasing frequency. Rockets are also being fired from there at Eilat.

Hezbollah has hijacked Lebanon and armed it to the teeth with over 60,000 rockets aimed at Israel.

Egypt will vote in either an anti-Israeli secular president or an anti-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood president; and both will look to ‘review the peace treaty with Israel’

Once American troops withdraw entirely from Iraq there is a strong possibility of increased violence and instability in Jordan, with potential to reach our borders as well.

Turkey and Israel are facing off on maritime borders over Cyprus natural gas fields at sea, as well as further Turkish naval flotillas to Gaza. Turkey has reportedly already scrambled jets several times to head off what they said were Israeli aircraft over their airspace.

And Iran has reached nuclear threshhold level and has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs; and is continuing to enrich.

We live in interesting times, as the ancient Chinese proverb says.

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