The Day After Israel Attacks Iran

Creative Commons. IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Creative Commons. IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Voice of Israel from Jerusalem,

Shalom, the time is now 6 am and here is the news,

in the studio, this is Rivki Dangot,

Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces on land, sea, and air are engaging enemy forces in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and in Judea and Samaria. Border Police forces, together with units of the Givati Brigade are engaging Global Jihad and Hamas forces in the Sinai Peninsula. Overnight, air, land, and sea forces, as well as long-range missiles fired from land and sea struck deep into enemy territory in Iran and have, in some instances, recorded significant successes against the nuclear facilities of that country. Israeli forces have also been met with heavy resistance, from air defenses over Iranian airspace as well as naval units in the Arabian sea. Heavy artillery exchanges are continuing throughout the Golan Heights between the Golan Formation and elements of the Syrian army loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad. Ground assault forces, including elements of the 366th Armored Division and the Yahalom Combat Engineering unit have advanced into central Gaza City, where heavy fighting has been reported. Israeli Police Special Forces have surrounded Shlomi in the north and are in a tense standoff with a Hezbollah cell which has infiltrated the border town and is holding several dozen children hostage in the town’s school building. In Jerusalem, special border police undercover units have thwarted an attempted truck bombing of the Malha commercial mall.

A Color Red alert has sounded over Tel-Aviv. Residents are advised to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and head immediately to secure areas.

A Color Red alert has sounded over the Beersheba, Ashkelon, and Ashdod region. Residents are advised to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and head immediately to secure areas.

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Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel said this morning that 47 IAF aircraft have not returned to their bases from last night’s operation against Iranian nuclear installations. Eshel added that 20 pilots have been confirmed killed in action over Iran, while 12 IAF crew from a helicopter squadron have been confirmed killed in Lebanon. Several dozen pilots and navigators have not yet been accounted for since last night’s initial raids over Iran, and seven are missing in action in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

IAF forces are continuing to operate over Iranian airspace, Eshel said, adding that even though operations are ongoing, the IDF will work to locate its downed airmen and women. At a briefing with military reporters outside “the bunker” at IDF Headquarters in the Kiriya Complex in Tel-Aviv, Eshel said 8 Iranian installations connected with Iran’s nuclear enrichment program were targeted overnight, 5 were confirmed “destroyed,” whereas the extent of damage at three of the facilities has not yet been ascertained. Eshel added that Iranian air force and air defense targets were attacked in the first wave of Jericho missile attacks, after which IAF bombers hit the nuclear installations. Aerial combat was reported in several incidents. Most of the Israeli planes were brought down by advanced Russian-made surface-to-air missile systems provided to Iran by the Russian government. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Eshel said, the IAF had the means to continue a “rolling operation” over Iran and that last night’s sorties did not constitute the sum total of Israel’s aerial campaign over Iran. “It’s not a one-shot deal,” Eshel said, adding that the air force would carry out its mission until all Iranian nuclear facilities were “significantly eroded,” and the threat of a nuclear Iran was removed from the arena.

Eshel denied earlier reports on government-aligned Turkish news websites of Israeli warplanes firing on two Turkish Air Force patrols over northern Iraqi airspace. The IAF chief said, in the most stringent terms, that at no point in time had Israeli warplanes violated Turkish airspace, and that there was no engagement between aircraft of the two countries’ air forces. Eshel said he was trying to get in contact with his counterpart in Ankara but that this Israeli clarification has also been relayed via diplomatic channels. Despite this, the Turkish government has announced an emergency mobilization of the entire Turkish Armed Forces, with the army’s high command meeting in emergency session.

A Color Red alert has sounded over Haifa and the surrounding region. Residents are advised to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and head immediately to secure areas.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Tel-Aviv.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Ramat-Aviv.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Ramat-Gan.

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At the same briefing with Eshel, OC Ground Forces Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman said IDF ground units have been advancing on several fronts and engaging formations of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards at or near nuclear installations across Iran. Turgeman revealed that a large infantry force was parachuted north of the Litani River area overnight and are engaging units of the Hezbollah at fortified positions. Other units are engaged in heavy fighting across the eastern and central sector, with reports of heavy fighting around Bint J’bel and Maroun a-Ras. Turgeman would not confirm reports in the Arab press and social media regarding the presence of Israeli Special Forces units at suspected Syrian chemical and biological weapons silos, saying only that it was stated Israeli policy to make sure that Assad’s stockpiles of WMD would not fall into terrorist hands or be used by the dying Alawite regime before it fell.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Rishon LeZion, Givatayim, Petah Tikva, Netanya.

A Color Red alert has sounded over Dimona and the surrounding region. Residents are advised to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and evacuate to previously assigned locations.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Eilat.

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Israel Navy vessels, acting on intelligence that pointed to a Russian warning to Iran about Israeli aerial movements last night, have encircled a Russian warship currently moored at the Syrian port of Tartus. The Russian commander of the Admiral Kuznetsov has sent a message to the Israeli vessels demanding they withdraw to international waters by 12pm today. The Russian ultimatum was delivered by radio to the commander of the INS Hanit. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released a statement saying only that the navy was acting in accordance with international laws of war wherein a ‘neutral’ entity in the theatre of war suspected of passing intelligence information to a combatant can be detained until a thorough investigation of the matter is complete. The Russian Interfax News Service reports that officials in Moscow have called an emergency meeting of the Russian High Command, with defense ministry sources saying that the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be dispatched to the area to make contact with the Kuznetsov. Moscow has also announced an emergency session of the Security Council to force a cessation of Israeli military operations over Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and that the Russian ambassador to Israel has been recalled.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Jerusalem.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Ramle, Kiryat Gat, Beit Shemesh.

The IDF Home Front Command announces missile fall in Nazareth, Safed, Karmiel, Acre.

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In New York, we are getting reports of shooting at the 92Y cultural institution. A NYPD spokesman said this event is likely linked to the suicide bombing of two synagogues in Manhattan overnight. The bombings killed 30 people and wounded dozens. In a YouTube video, a group calling itself the “Martyrs of Mughniye” claimed responsibility for the act, and vowed that it was only the beginning of their “campaign of pain and Jihad against Jews, Israel Firsters and their supporters in the United States.”

In a letter to Israeli embassies around the world, the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, has instructed the country’s ambassadors to urge the nations of the free world to follow Israel into battle with the regime in Tehran. According to the letter, Netanyahu told the ambassadors to convey the message that Israel has taken the fateful and historic first leap to thwart the genocidal ambitions of the Islamic Republic, and it was now time for the rest of the free world to follow Israel into battle. “Israeli fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and sons, have bravely, and without joy, put on their uniforms and headed into battle against the forces of evil and destruction. As the only nation on earth whose existence was consistently threatened and promised, and whose bitterest enemies are on the cusp of attaining the weapons with which to destroy us, we looked around us for friends and allies, and found only promises and words. We were left with no choice but to act to remove the sword at our neck. Now, as our men and women in uniform are locked in battle against immense forces of evil, now is the time for the enlightened world to join us, shoulder to shoulder, so that we not stand alone in this fight. Many asked us to delay action, to give time for diplomacy to take its course. Many also said that a military option could not be effective, and that if we carried out such an option, it would only delay the Iranian nuclear weapons program for at most a year, and then give them a real excuse to build nuclear weapons and use them against us. I can tell you now that the Iranians do not need such an excuse, and that even the slightest chance that they might, perhaps, maybe, perchance, be irrational enough, crazy enough, and fanatic enough to use their doomsday weapons against us is just not a chance we can take,” the letter read. Netanyahu also called on Turkey and Russia to show restraint and understanding, and not to take any steps that would inflame the situation. The Prime Minister’s letter ended with a plea to Washington to break its silence and take a stand, together with Israel, against Iran. Netanyahu’s office also released a YouTube message from the Prime Minister making Israel’s case.

Today’s weather will be partly cloudy and mild.

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  1. This is insanity. The Kuznetsov alone has enough aircraft to sink every ship in the Israeli navy. And getting the US into a war with Iran is the one thing that could give Ron Paul the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

  2. Whilst alarmist, this is the notion that many Israelis are living with during the past weeks. As you correctly say, this is “fictional of sorts” but as one reads through your scenario report, one gets whisked into what could well be a reality almost instantaneously. The words must be written for all to read, protest, and comment, because complacency is a far greater killer.

  3. Mike, this is exactly why I’m writing these things now. I do not believe that the government of Israel is preparing the people of Israel for what is coming: if we bomb the Iranians, what will be; if we don’t bomb and they get a weapon, what will be; nobody is standing up and giving us the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ speech that I think we need. It’s criminal, things are moving, big things, and people are being left entirely in the dark.

    1. One might say its actually better to keep the public in the dark for fear of enemies on the ground being able to acquire the info and relay it… Misinformation can be rather helpful in the fog of war to make sure the enemy has less of a chance to hit centers of importance to the strategic longevity of the campaign… Edward Ernays style… Other than that it was a fun read… Reminds me why i don’t live there anymore. Well that and the day to day life of living with Israelis… 😉

  4. Important post, Amir, and I am 100% with you on the lack of clear discussion about the *real* options we are facing. The media, which is occupied only in the “will there be an attack” guessing game is not doing it’s job as well. I am even bothered by the use of the term “bomb Iran,” since as you described it so well, we should be talking about a war.

    1. 100% Noam, we are talking about war. It worries me deeply that this is not the essence of the discussion. pro-or-anti it, this needs to be the discussion.

  5. Dear Amir – You should stop fooling yourself with your so-called ‘Journalistic’ career, and turn to where your heart is longing – Fiction.

    There are no promises that your stuff wont be forgotton on god-forsaken book-shelves, in fact, it will probably be the case, but why not try?

      1. Hi Amir, I assume you were being sarcastic.
        Anywho – here’s my constructive criticism:
        It seems like you are being motivated by Fear in all the last posts I have seen in your blog.
        What is the basic and most essential promise that comes with life? Death.
        You are bound to die, just the due date is unclear to you.

        So.. whether you die from a Nuke or a disease or whatever, doesn’t really matter from an ultimate point of view.

        In that view, I see not much point of going on and on about how scary the current world situation is, if you’re not doing anything productive about it, besides scaring everybody.

        How bout some constructive actions?

  6. Only in your dreams! A better prognosis would be “all communications have been disrupted with the north and south of the country, we are continuing to attempt to access radio and electronic sources but so far to no avail. There are rumours that all major Israeli cities save Jerusalem have been levelled and are burning fiercely. Refugees are reputed to be fleeing urban areas but have no place to go. We have had no news from the IDF as to its sorties into enemy territory so cannot bring you any information as to the success or failure of their mission. From where we are situated we can observe gun battles and explosions lighting up the sky but we don’t know who are what is being attacked. It is unsafe for us to leave the building however it appears that the explosions are getting nearer and we may be silenced. Use your emergency shortwave radios if we are knocked off the air. We will take a short pause and be back as soon as possible.

  7. The truth lies somewhere between Amir Mizroch’s and Robert Smiley’s forcasts. It appears that each is presenting the best case scenario from their perspective.

    Amir Mizroch is hoping that Israel can survive while Robert Smiley is hoping that the “final solution” is at hand.

    The misunderstanding, of course is that there is no final solution as long as any islamic regime survives. The killing would go on even if every Jew were destroyed because the blood lust of moslems is unquenchable.

    Amir Mizroch’s scenario of “we looked around us for friends and allies, and found only promises and words” is absolutely true, unfortunately – certainly if hot war breaks out during the BHO administration. It might be to Israel’s advantage if all out war could be postponed until January. It cannot be postponed indefinately.

  8. I think that the scenario given in the story is too optimistic. It largely neglects the 10s of thousands of missiles that would come raining down all over Israel. It also forgets to consider that the full mobilization of the armed forces, necessary for such a conflict would be a give away the attack was coming. Also, it is questionable if anyone can no for sure how much damage would actually be done to Iranian nuclear facilities Secondary considerations include the skyrocketing cost of oil, blamed on us, and the collateral attacks on Jews all over the world. It goes on and on.

    I think a far sounder tactic is to tell the truth that everyone knows already. Go straight to the Iranian populace, which overall has no great love or respect for “i’m in a dinner jacket” or Khameini’s crew, and tell them that for thousands of years, Israel and Iran had cordial relations, and that Israel has no hatred for the Iranian people, but in the event that Iran tries, either directly, or indirectly, to use a nuclear weapon against Israel, Israel will use its nuclear arsenal, which consists of more than one bomb, to wipe Iran and its people off the face of the Earth. This might be enough to force regime change and eliminate the threat in the best way possible. Do I guarantee success? No, but has the largest upside and fewest rotten side effects. Also, MAD worked for the US on the Cold War.

  9. I don’t understand why the debaters are playing the game of underestimating each other. If a war would break up than no one knows what would happen. If Israeli’s are thinking that they would get the same success as they got in the”Six day war” than it’s a hypothetical conception. All of my friends who are posting here should understand that war is not a solution. It could be for a short duration but not for ever. Why don’t you understand that if Iran would have been planning to make a Nuclear bomb and to use against Israel than they could also be destroyed by the same action because Israel has already managed to develop nuclear bomb. I don’t think that Iranian are so much foolish that they are thinking to use a nuclear bomb against Israel.However my point is if a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel than why not a nuclear Israel is a threat to Iran. Why only Iran is asked to backtrack for a sin that they haven’t committed and who gives the guarantees that an illegal imposed war on Iran could stop Iran from developing a Nuclear bomb. Friends, war never brings a complete solution and its result can be unexpected so please give up the thinking of war and live for peace.

  10. I do fully agree with Amir! the war is coming sooner or later it’s going to happen, I think Israel got the best chance to hit Iran because syria is busy with internal problems and the can’t back up Iran as syria already deployed 200,000 soldire to the cities, Hezbullah is going to be busy in southern lebanon BUT, if the weapons cut off for hezbullah so trust me they wont last even1 year, because I know the 2006 war Hezbullah almost fall if Israel carried on just another 2 more weeks, I am a lebanese and I know for fact that they were in bad shape that time, but their good Media was much stronger than I sraeli Media! first and second world war started because of bad economy and to boost the econemy they had to start war,
    Hezbullah getting stronger and stronger every day, but I think the war plan already started, fighters in syria against bashar al assad getting stronger there as well the Muslim suni i Lebanon getting stronger against eh shiaa muslims so the plan is as we all know syria always supporting Hezbullah but right now they are in big sh… so the Muslim suni will try to make the Muslim shiaa less power surely supported by Qatar and Saudi arabia to start of a small civil war in lebanon to make Hezbullah weak at the same time Israel should attack Iran, later when Hezbullah become weaker then the french will attack what ever left of hizbullha.

    Amir I hope u understand what I am talking about.


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