iApp therefore iAm – a new iLanguage

I originally wrote this in April. But now that Steve Jobs has died, I thought I’d dust it off again.

Although clearly a brilliant man who has done amazing things, I’d like to remind people to keep things in proportion: he was, above all, a marketing genius able to design and sell us an idea, the iDea that Apple products were cooler than anything else out there [which I admit I bought into hook, line and sinker].

Here’s the piece

Yesterday iBought an iPhone.

This iNow adds to the iMac iHave already, as well as the iPod i’Ve had for years.

iOrdered an iPad2, which should be coming at the end of the iMonth, according to my iCalendar.

Apple’s branding victory over iMe is complete. Finally, there is an i in iTeam.

Since iGot the new iPhone I’Ve been busy searching and downloading Apps from the Appstore. iFound such amazing iTools.

Since then my iThings have been multiplying. i’M Apped.

iCan now do iBanking, iTrack my iFinances; iListen to my iTunes, iPay my iBills and so much more.

It’s like iApp therefore iAm. iAm an iMan.

Anyway, the iWoman iLove and am marrying soon just iCalled

Can iDrive her to the mall, she asked?

iMappped the route, iThink iCan, iSaid. i’LL be there. Me. in iPerson.

iThank you Steve Jobs.

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  1. dude, one could never really put into numbers or facts that potential breakthroughs Steve Jobs facilitated. He enabled people, and this is part of the evolution of our specie. Steve Jobs was at the centre of it, he was the beat of it. Money is in my mind never the evil plan of visionaries of such magnitude, he literally just saw the world in how he believed it should be, and created it. Money flows to such radical things like a magnet, and I truly believe it was his passion for design and beauty above all else that drove his vision, not the quan. Your an iAM fan, I know. Steve Jobs was a loss, no matter at which point in his life he was to go, first and foremost, to his wife and children.

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